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Asbestos Encapsulation-Suska Damp Proofing in Dublin

Asbestos encapsulation is the fast and cost-effective alternative to expensive asbestos removal. If the asbestos on your roof is in relatively good condition and just needs making watertight and a few repairs then asbestos encapsulation in Dublin is certainly the best solution.

Removing asbestos can cause asbestos fibers to be released into the air if not removed with extreme care. The dangers of fiber release from asbestos are very well known. There is therefore a clear need to take appropriate steps to prevent that from happening. asbestos encapsulation in Dublin is the safest solution.

What is asbestos encapsulation?

asbestos encapsulation in Dublin is a method of coating the asbestos in a high performance, sprayed silicone coating that will protect the asbestos from further age degradation, cracking, flaking and breaking from any knocks or movement. Our asbestos encapsulation service is guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years.


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