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What is condensation?

Condensation occurs when moist air hits a cold surface. This moist air condenses on cool surfaces such as walls, mirrors, tiles, windows and clothes. Look for it in corners, near windows, behind wardrobes, inside cupboards, on the ceiling or places where there is little movement of air.Condensation is caused by airborne moisture, minute particles of water suspended in the air, created by every day activity inside the home. Think of it as an invisible indoor fog that turns back to water on contact with a cold surface.

How To Stop Condensation?

Kill off harmful surface mould, Install ventilation systems and specialist extractor fans (if required) to permanently kill off all harmful, live airborne mould spores.
Redecorate the affected areas/rooms to a high standard.

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The Best Solution For Condensation and Mould Growth is Heat Recovery Ventilation unit, Energy Efficient For Continuous Heat Recovery For Healthy Air In Kitchens, Bathrooms, Utility Rooms, Living Rooms, Lavatories, Washrooms, Conservatories, Offices and Bedrooms.

Designed to reduce condensation and mould growth in single rooms such as Kitchens and Bathrooms and whisper quiet for operation in bedrooms. Recycles energy and heat.

Product Features

  • Meets IEE, SELV and Building Regulation requirements
  • Up to 86% Heat Recovery
  • Easy to install (no external access required – 152mm Core Drill)
  • Whisper quiet Continuous running trickle ventilation
  • Humidity sensor (preset or adjustable)
  • Night sensor allows Bedroom installation
  • Low running costs
  • Tamper proof screws (optional)
  • Balanced airflow (input and extract)
  • Energy savings – differential payback within 4 years against conventional extractor fans
  • Security ventilation™ (no need to open windows)
  • Health benefit – Produces dramatic improvements of indoor air quality