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Lime Plastering and Rendering-Suska Damp Proofing in Dublin

Before the twentieth century building techniques and materials were very different from those employed today. Traditional properties need to “breathe” to allow moisture inherent in a solid wall construction to evaporate from the external stonework or render. Lime Plastering and Rendering-Suska Damp Proofing in Dublin

Lime Putty was the base product widely used to produce mortar, plaster and limewash for traditional buildings. Lime putty mortars offer advantages over cement based mortars for the external rendering of these properties, especially when decorated with a breathable paint such as limewash.

  • Their porosity allows the structure to breathe
  • They can accommodate general movement better
  • Their self healing nature reduces cracking problem


  • lime Pointing
  • lime Pointing

Most modern building materials are made using cement based products, which are hard, rigid and impervious. Lime allows a structure to breathe – it is porous, and flexible. It allows water to escape the building. Any fine cracks which develop will self heal, as opposed to cement, which just cracks and lets water in.